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Artist | Student | Photography
わたしはシャノン です。

I'm a inspiring photographer, photomanipulator and a digital artist.

Favourite genre of music: K-Pop, J-Pop, C-Pop, Rap
Operating System: Windows 7
MP3 player of choice: HTC Wildfire
- Include these rules with the quiz.
- Write who your biases are at the beginning of the quiz so we can know who they are.
- Answer all questions honestly (don't put your bias's name as the answer to every question if it's not really true)
- Consider the Super Junior members' personalities when answering these questions.
- You can answer each question with up to two names if you cannot choose between them. The first name you'll put is the one who suits the answer best, the second is the one who suits the answer next.
- Grading: for each name you write first, give them two points. For each second name, give them one point. For question 11, minus 1 point, for question 12, minus two points (for questions 11 and 12 multiple name answers will have the same value—if question 12 has two names, then they both have -2 points).
- Tag five people at the end of this quiz.  

Biases,  Ryeowook and Yesung

(1) Personality-wise, who are you the most like in SuJu?

-Heechul most of the time, I'm very sarcastic :)

(2) Who would you get along with most in hobbies?

- Uhmmmm   All of them :D But if i had to pick probably Leeteuk :)

(3) Whose pets would you want to have most (Heechul's Heebum, Yesung's Ddangkoma, etc?)

- I love cats but I have to go with Yesung's Ddangkoma :D

(4) Looks-wise, who are you most compatible with in SuJu? (like you'd look good together, or you have some similarities with them, like height, hair colour, whatever)

- Ryeowook  because I'm the same height and I have the same blood type as him :D

(5) Who would you get along with best in a relationship? (answer honestly! Don't write your bias if he isn't the one you'd get along with best!)

- Sungmin  :D  

(6) Musically, who would you be most compatible with? (singing voice, musical instrument)

- Ryeowook because I can play the piano.

(7) In dancing, who is the one you'd probably dance with best?

- Eunhyuk

(9) Who in SuJu has the same favorite colour as you?

- Yesung, Siwon and Eunhyuk.  All Sapphire blue  

(10) Who is the SuJu member that would make you feel most at home?

- Leeteuk

(11) Who do you think you would be most awkward or shy with?

- Kangin.  

(12) Who do you think your personality would clash with?

- Siwon. Deffiantly.

Tally it all up and list your results! Remember, these results are JUST FOR FUN, we can't really know who we'd get along with best (and least!) in SuJu unless we really meet them!

1. Heechul: 2
2. Leeteuk: 4
3. Yesung: 4
4. Ryeowook: 4
5. Sungmin: 2
6. Eunhyuk: 2
7. Siwon: 0
8. Kangin: 0
  • Mood: Big Grin
  • Listening to: Earthquake - Labrinth

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